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Ragnar Kittil Frisch (1895-1973)

Awarded the Prize “for having developed applied dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes.”

Norwegian economist. Frisch was born on March 3, 1895 in Oslo. He graduated in 1919 took his Ph.D. in 1926, both at the University of Oslo. In 1925 he was appointed Assistant Professor in 1928, Associate Professor in 1931 full Professor at the University of Oslo. He was Director of Research of the Economic Institute in the Oslo University. Frisch died on January 31, 1973 in Oslo.
Major Works:
Statistical Confluence Analysis by Means of Complete Regression Systems (1943); Planning for India (1960); Theory of Production (1965); Maxima Minima (1966); Economic Planning Studies: A Collection of Essays (1976)

St. Vincent ﹠ the Grenadines (1995

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